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What is the Export button on the RFI log page supposed to do?

There are several areas that show the yellow Export button, including RFI, Submittal, Supplemental Instruction, Field Report and Daily Field Report log pages. There are also Export buttons for the financial log pages as well as the financial items pages. Let's discuss how they work and how to correct it if it is not working.

To export the page into Excel:

  1. Click the Export button.
  2. Select the export template from the drop-down.
    Helpful Hint: If the drop-down list is empty, you can copy the Excel Exports from any template project.

To customize the export templates:

  1. On the Project Administration menu, select the Microsoft Excel and Word Templates link under Other Options.
  2. Click the module link for the export template of your choice.
  3. Click the Add/Edit/Delete link for the log or detail (item) page.
  4. Click to Download the default template.
  5. Make your modifications outside of Projectmates.
    Helpful Hint: Be cautious not to change any field reference text such as "[%Field]$Column2Text". If these reference tags are modified, Projectmates may not recognize them and will not export data correctly. Feel free to make formatting modifications such as font or location changes.
  6. When the modifications are complete, upload the custom template in the same page where you downloaded the default template. Click the Add New Template link.
    1. Enter the Description and upload the file you just made.
    2. Hit Save. Now the new custom template you created will be available in the Export drop-down menu in this project.

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