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How do I copy from a template to an existing project?

Although copying from a template most often occurs when creating a project, it is possible to access the Copy tool from the My Projects area.

To copy a template

  1. Click the radio button next to the template or project you want to copy from. Then, click the Copy button that appears at the bottom. The Copy button will only appear if you are the Project Admin for that project. For Site Admins, this option will always be available.
  2. This will take you to the Copy Project Data screen. The project you selected earlier will automatically be placed in the Copy From area, although the Default Profile(s) or any project you are a Project Admin can be placed here.
  3. Make sure that the Copy From project is the one you want to copy data from, and place any projects you want to copy data to in the Copy To area.
  4. Scroll down and select what items from the Copy From project will be copied over to the Copy To projects. You can choose individual items, or check Select all items to copy all data.
  5. A warning message will display to inform you that other users may not be able to access some data while the copy feature is running. Click OK. Please wait while the copy feature is running.
  6. .Once the copy feature is complete, a confirmation message will display.

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