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What is the difference between parking a project and marking it for deletion?

Eventually all projects come to an end. Your organization will have decided how to handle closed projects in Projectmates construction management software, but you may want to know what it means to 'Park' a project verses marking it for deletion. Also, why does it say 'mark for deletion' rather than just 'delete'? Let's discuss the differences between these two options.

Parking a project

  • Keeps the project data and files on Projectmates.
  • Makes the project inaccessible to users.
  • Maintains the project is in a static state.
  • Can be Unparked to allow users to access the project once more.

Marking a project for deletion

  • Makes the project inaccessible to users just like parking.
  • Appends a note to the project name for the Site Admins that says in bold, red letters: Marked for Deletion.
  • Marking for deletion makes it easy for the Site Admins to locate and complete the deletion process.

Deleting a project

  • Completely removes the project from Projectmates forever.
  • Only Site Admins can fully delete projects.
  • Project Admins can only mark the project for deletion.

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