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How do I create a new project?

Step 1: Add the basic information about the new project.

  1. On the My Projects tab, click the  Create New Project button.
  2. Read the Projectmates User Agreement & Software License Terms of Use. Then click the I Agree button.
    Helpful Hint: Selecting the I DO NOT AGREE button will return the user back to the My Projects tab. New projects cannot be created unless the license agreement is accepted.
  3. On the Project Information – General tab, complete all required fields denoted with the Red Dot icon, including the project name, address, and license number.
    Helpful Hint: It is a good idea to copy the license number from another project before you start this process. If you did not, then you have two options: re-log into Projectmates using a different browser to copy and paste it, or use the same browser you are working in and leave the Create New Project page, grab the license number from another project and start over with creating this project. Otherwise you risk overwriting the project from which you grab the license number.
  4. Optionally, complete any non-required fields as needed, e.g. project number and project description.
  5. Then click Save.

Step 2: Copy the template project into this new project.

  1. Once you hit Save in the previous step, the Copy Project Data screen will display. Select the template project from the box on the left. Then click the top arrow button pointing to the right to push the selected project into the Copy From box.
  2. When you scroll down, you will see lots of items to select to be copied into your new project. Alternatively, you can click the check box for Select all items.
  3. Once all items are selected that you want in the new project, click the Copy button.
  4. A warning message will display to inform you that other users may not be able to access some data while the copy feature is running. Click OK. Please wait while the copy feature is running.
  5. Once the copy feature is complete, a confirmation message will display.

Step 3: Finish updating the Project Info fields for your new project.

  1. On the My Projects tab, enter the name of your project in the Filter Projects box. Then click Submit.
  2. Click the name of your project to open it.
  3. When your project loads on the screen, click the Project Info link to access the project information pages.
  4. On the Const Mgmt tab, complete any construction management information fields such as the contract number, original start date, cost estimate, and representatives.
    Helpful Hint: Contract information such as project amounts and dates cannot be changed once a Change Order or a Pay Application is created.
  5. On the Accounting tab, complete any accounting information fields.
  6. On the Custom Tabs, complete any custom information fields.
    Helpful Hint: Custom Tabs may be configured to show different names on your Projectmates site, or to not show at all.
  7. Click the Save button to complete creating a project. Your new project is successfully created. You can begin personalizing the users, budgets, schedules and more to get your project up and running.

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