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How do I add a new budget thread to my project?

Unlike other construction project management softwares, Projectmates allows you to have more than one budget in a project.  If there is a special project you are planning in a project that has an original budget you want to keep for historical purposes, you can create a new budget thread (red menu) to manage this project.  To add a new budget thread:

  1. Drill into the project where you want to add an extra budget thread.
  2. Then go to Admin >> Administer Project >> Construction Management, Budget, ... the really long link.
  3. Next click on Budget / Earned Value Forecast / Cashflow Forecast link.
  4. Finally, click the Add new thread link.
  5. Enter the Thread Description field. This will be the verbiage that appears in the red bar in the left side menu to access the new budget thread.
  6. Add access rights under the Role Rights section of the page.
  7. Hit Save when you are finished adding the rights.

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