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What are Required Files? What is an example of how this would be used?

All of the Contract Management tools have the Required Files option. Let's discuss what this does and when would you use it.

Definition of required files.

Required Files are optional functionality that lists particular types of files that are to be included in new items.

Examples of Required Files include:

  • Contractor's License
  • Insurance
  • Bond Information
  • Signed Lien Waiver
  • Delivery Receipt

Setting up required files is really easy:

  1. On the module setup page in the Project Admin area, click the Add/Remove Required Files link.
  2. Enter the Description field.
  3. Optionally, upload a template, sample, or direction file associated with this description.
  4. Hit Save. Any newly created items in this project will show the required file's description.
    Helpful Hint: Projectmates does not enforce the required files are uploaded before allowing your team to approve the financial item. It will provide a green checkmark on the Attachments tab when required file is uploaded.

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