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How do I add a custom web form or custom business process?

Custom Business Processes give you the freedom and flexibility to design a workflow module right within Projectmates. These processes provide the ability to manage rights by roles, attach files, attach approval workflow at various stage gates, create logs, and can be maintained as part of a template for use in all projects. All of the entry fields on self-customizable processes and forms can be configured as required or optional fields. The text box fields can validate data as alpha-numeric, numeric only, integers, or currency. Selection data for drop-down lists, radio buttons, and check boxes are configured based on your requirements.

Step 1: Set up a blank custom web form.

  1. Go to Site Admin >> Custom Content >> Custom Business Process.
  2. Click the Create Business Process link.
  3. Enter the Business Process Name.
  4. Enter the Description of the new business process.
  5. Leave the Is Hidden and Options fields alone. We will address this later. Click the Save button.

  6. On the Flexform tab, click the Add Section link to add one section.

  7. Click the Add Field link to add any type of field.

Helpful Hint: You can use the following settings for creating the first field:

Step 1: Select Field Type: Select the 'Section Label or Heading' option.

Step 2: Configure Field Label: Enter the name of the custom business process.

Hit Save.

Step 2: Make the new custom web form to the Site Layout.

  1. Go to Site Admin >> Custom Content >> Site Layout.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Site Layout screen. You should see the custom business process that you just created. (They default to the bottom of the list.)
  3. Use the drag and drop function to move the row for the custom business process to be included in the group where you want it to be shown within a project.
  4. Once you have it in the location where you want it, click Save.

Step 3: Set up a thread within a project to allow you to view the new web form.

  1. Drill into any testing project of your choice and go to Admin >> Administer Project >> Custom Business Process.
  2. Click the name of the Custom Business Process.
  3. Click the Add new thread link. The Manage Thread screen displays.
  4. Enter a thread name.
  5. Assign appropriate user permissions to roles.
  6. Click the Save button.

Helpful Hint: Available permissions are as follows:

View: View log page and details pages.

Create: Add a new entry.

Edit: Edit information in existing items.

Delete: Delete existing items.

Step 4: Open Projectmates in two different browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome.

Helpful Hint: Projectmates is compatible on any modern browser, so choose your two favorites. Please don't try to open two windows of the same browser to view two screens of Projectmates.

  1. View the custom business process thread inside the project on one screen.
  2. View the Site Admin >> Custom Content >> Custom Business Process on the other screen. This allows you to easily view the changes in the actual form while you build the custom web form.

Step 5: Create the custom web form.

  1. In the Site Admin screen, select the name of the custom business process you are building.
  2. On the Flexform tab, you can add more sections and/or fields until the form looks how you want it.
  3. As you add more sections and fields, click the Create new item link in the Project screen to view the changes you have made.

Helpful Hint: If you need more information about how to build a custom business process or how to access different options, you can access the help guide from the Site Admin area. The Site Admin help guide goes into greater detail than this.

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