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How do I link multiple users to the same company?

External users are only allowed to see financials specifically assigned to them. The way to overcome this is for a site admin to create a “Company Profile” and link users to that profile. Once the individual users from the same firm/company are associated to the same company profile, these users can invoice against the contract, regardless if the contract was specifically assigned to that person.

Follow the steps below to create a company profile and link 1+ users to it.

  1. Go to Site admin> Users and Contacts> Companies.
  2. Click Add New Company.
  3. Complete basic company information fields on PROFILE tab and Save.
  4. On the company profile, Click the USERS/ CONTACTS tab> Actions drop-down > Add User.
  5. Search for users. Select appropriate users and click ADD button.
  6. Site admin can also link users to a company by using the Associate Company link in user profile of any user.

Helpful Hint: Once a user is linked to a company profile, the company field in user’s profile becomes non-editable.

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