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What is a Daily Log (Daily Field Report)?

A Daily Log or Daily Field Report, DFR, is a daily field task to summarize work completed, next steps, weather, personnel, equipment, and issues that occurred.  The purpose of this communication is to log activities, to keep all team members up to date on the on the progress of the project and track potential issues or concerns.  This helps the external and internal team to get in front of potential risks for schedule slippage and scope creep. This report also provides a place to log accidents and unexpected events. 

The report in Projectmates is broken into 6 sections: Work description, Weather, Personnel, Equipment, Event Tracking, Attachments and Notifications.  The report can be entered using the native Projectmates mobile app or web version. The Projectmates mobile is ideal for on-site personal to complete without having to go back to a computer in the work trailer, hotel, or office.  Field personal can go into the mobile app and complete the DFR and attach pictures live. Projectmates app supports both IOS and Android devices.  

To view DFRs

1. Open the project by clicking its name from the My Projects screen.

2. From the Construction Management>Daily Field Report menu, click the Daily Field Reports left side menu to expand it.

3. Click the All Items link in the left-side menu.

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