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What is a Potential Change Order (PCO)?

A PCO or Potential Change Order is a tentative or informal Change Order created to track a work condition that has potential to be over and above base contract.  A PCO does not create a legal and binding contract between the owner of the project and contractor. Its main purpose is to establish a chain of events leading to contract modifications. The PCO is subject to negotiation and modifications before it is turned into a formal and binding Change Order. 

A PCO can also be called a Change Order Request (COR). Potential Change Orders are an important part of the over all cost tracking of construction projects.

To view Potential Change Orders

1. Open the project by clicking its name from the My Projects screen.

2. From the Cost Tracking menu, click the Commitments/COs or Contracts/COs left side menu to expand it.

3. Click the All PCO link in the left-side menu.

Helpful Hint:  Depending on your Projectmates implementation, the left side menu name may not be the same as indicated in the step 3 above.

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