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What is an RFI (Request for Information)?

The RFI is a construction management process where the general contractor can submit questions/inquiries to the architect or owner. The owner and/or architect have several options to respond to an RFI or route it to other users for their review.  Projectmates construction management software has a defined workflow to manage RFIs for the project to make sure that these important questions are being addressed to keep the project on track.

An RFI left side menu must have a first recipient designated. The first recipient is the user who will be primarily responsible for replying to an RFI, typically either the architect or project manager for that project. The administrator for the project can set the first recipient at any time.

Depending on your role within a project, the following actions can be taken regarding RFIs:

  • Create: Add an RFI and submit it to the designated first recipient.
  • Route: Route an open RFI to another user to get their feedback.
  • Close: Close the RFI, issuing the final response to the user who created it.

To view RFIs

1. Open the project by clicking its name from the My Projects screen.

2. From the Construction Mgmt>RFIs menu, click the RFIs left side menu to expand it.

3. Click the All Items link in the left-side menu.

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