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What is a Punch List?

A Punch list is a formal list of deficiency items that the project manager or architect logs when walking the construction site as part of acceptance of the finished project.  The team member will walk each section of the project and notate any items that are broken, incorrect, or do not meet the quality or design specifications of the construction project.  The team will typically document the items as well as take photos of the issues that need to be addressed.  These items are assigned to the General contractor, who then assigns those open items to their subcontractors.  Once completed, the Contractor will note these items as completed, and the project manager or architect will notate items as verified, thus accepting the fixed condition.

To view the Punch List

1. Open the project by clicking its name from the My Projects screen.

2. From the Tasks menu, click the Punchlist left side menu to expand it.

3. Click the Log - All link in the left-side menu.

Helpful Hint:  Depending on your Projectmates implementation, the left side menu name may not be the same as indicated in the step 3 above.

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