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What is a non-linked invoice?

Non-linked invoices are invoices that are not linked to a contract or purchase order.

Important details you may be wondering about non-linked invoices:

  • Link non-linked invoice to the budget?
    Yes. Just because the invoice is not linked to a commitment item doesn't mean it can't be linked and tracked in the budget as an actual. However, the relationship is one to one between the invoice line items and the budget subitems.
  • Create non-linked invoice from the budget?
    Yes. Non-linked invoices can be created directly from the budget.
  • Collect retainage?
    No. There is no commitment item to tie multiple non-linked invoices together, so there would be no way to release any withheld retainage.
  • When would one want to use a non-linked invoice?
    These are generally used for items that are billed against the project, but do not have a specific agreement in place that must be fulfilled to complete the project. One example would be construction dumpster pickups. You may have a standing arrangement with a vendor to come empty the construction dumpster at your job site, but there is no contract or schedule or anything. You just call them when the dumpster gets full.

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