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Common Acronyms and Abbreviations in Construction

ABM                Advanced Building Material 

AE                   Architectural Engineering

A/E/C              Architecture/Engineering/Construction

AECOO            Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Owners, and Operators

AGC                Associated General Contractors of America

AI                    Artificial Intelligence 

AIA                 American Institute of Architects 

API                  Application Programming Interface

APWA             American Public Works Association

ASA                 American Subcontractors Association

ASCE               American Society of Civil Engineers

BAS                 Building Automation System

BCI                  Building Construction Index

BI                    Business Intelligence

BIM                 Building Information Modeling 

BN                   Bidding & Negotiation 

BNB                Bid/No Bid

BOP                 Best Operating Practice 

BP                   Building Permitting 

BPA                 Blanket Purchase Agreement

C&R                Construction & Repair

C&S                 Civil and Structure

CA                   Construction Administration

CAD                Computer-Aided Design

CAFM              Computer-Aided Facility Management

CAGR              Compound Average Growth Rate 

CAPEX            Capital Expenditure

CCI                  Construction Cost Index

CDs                 Construction Documents

CDN                Content Delivery Network

CE                    Civil Engineer 

CIP                  Capital Improvement Program/Plan

CM                  Construction Management / Manager

CMa                Construction Manager as Agent

CMc                 Construction Manager as Contractor

CMS                Content Management System

CO                   Change Order

COR                 Change Order Request

CoST               Construction Sector Transparency 

CP                    Construction Planning

CP                    Cost Proposal

CRM                Customer Relationship Management

CV                   Cost Variance

DB                   Design-Build 

DBB                Design-Bid-Build

DBOM             Design, Build, Operate & Maintain

DD                   Design Development

DfMA              Design for Manufacture and Assembly  

DFR                 Daily Field Report

DGIs                Design Guide Illustrations

DIR                  Texas Department of Information Resources

E&C                 Engineering and Construction 

ECC                  Estimated Construction Cost

ECI                   Early Contractor Involvement 

EGNG              Engineering

EOR                 Engineer of Record

EPC/EPCT       Engineering, Procurement and Construction

ERP                 Enterprise Resource Planning (system)

FEB                  Final Estimate and Bid

FM                   Facilities Maintenance 

FO                   Field Office

FP&C               Facilities Planning & Construction 

FTP                  File Transfer Protocol 

FY                    Fiscal Year

GC                   General Contractor

GIS                  Geographical Information System

GMP                Guaranteed Maximum Price 

GSA                 Government Services Administration

HSE                 Health, Safety and Environment 

HTTP              Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IAQ                  Indoor Air Quality

IDR                  Inspector’s Daily Report

IFB                   Information for Bidders

IFC                   Issue for Construction

IPD                  Integrated Project Delivery 

ISO                  International Organization for Standardization

ITB                  Invitation to Bid

KPI                  Key Performance Indicator 

LAN                Local Area Network

LEED                Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LOI                  Letter of Intent

MEOR             Mechanical Engineer of Record

MEP                Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

MILCON/MC  Military Construction

MRO               Maintenance, Repair and Operations

MSA                Master Service Agreement

MXD               Mixed Use Development

NDA                Non-Disclosure Agreement

NOI                 Notice of Intent

NSPE               National Society of Professional Engineers

NTP                 Notice to Proceed 

O&M or O/M Operations and Maintenance/Management

ODC                Office of Design and Construction

ODC                Owner Design Consultant

OE                   Owner's Engineer

OEM                Original Equipment Manufacturer

OMB               Office of Management and Budget

OPR                 Online Plan Room

OSH                Occupational Safety and Health 

OSHA              Occupational Safety and Health Administration

P3                    Public Private Partnership

P100               Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service

P&S                 Plans & Specs 

PAP                 Permit Application Package

PCO                 Potential or Proposed Change Order

PCR                 Project Completion Report

PD                   Pre-Design

PDO                Project Design Outline

PDS                 Project Data Sheet

PDT                 Project Delivery Team

PE                    Project Engineer -or- Professional Engineer 

PED                 Preconstruction Engineering and Design

PEP                  Project Execution Plan

PL                    Project Leader (referred to as Project Engineer)

PL                    Punch List

PLC                  Punch List Complete

PM                  Project Manager

PMIS               Project Management Information System

PMG                Project Management Group

PMO                Project Management Office

PMP                Project Management Plan/Professional 

PO                   Purchase Order -or- Project Originals

POR                 Project Owner's Representative

PPP                 Public-Private Partnership 

PQ                   Pre-Qualification

PR/PE              Process Review/Product Evaluation

PRECON         Preconstruction 

PS&E               Plans, Specs, and Estimates

PSCM              Preconstruction Services and Construction Management

PSP                  Planning and Scheduling Professional

PUD                Public Utility District

PX                   Project Executive

PXP                 Project Execution Plan

QA                   Quality Assurance

QC                   Quality Control

R&D                Research and Development 

RA                   Registered Architect

RD                   Requirements Document

RE                    Requirements Engineering

REC (report)  Real Estate Committee report

RFC                 Ready for Construction

RFB                 Request for Bid

RFI                  Request for Information

RFP                 Request for Proposal -or- Pricing

RFQ                 Request for Quotation 

ROI                  Return on Investment

ROJ                 Required on Job site

SAME              Society of American Military Engineers

SD                   Schematic Design 

SE                    Structural Engineer

SLA                 Service Level Agreement

SMTP              Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SOC 1 or 2      System and Organization Controls (report)

SOP                 Standard Operating Procedure

SOQ                 Statement for Qualifications

SOW                Statement/Scope of Work  

SOW                Suspension of Work (Stop Work Order)

SPECS              Specifications

SQL                 Structured Query Language

SSAE               Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements

SSO                 Single Sign On

SUB                 Subcontractor

TCC                 Total Construction Cost

TCO                 Total Cost of Ownership 

TIE                   Time Impact Estimate

TIPS                The Interlocal Purchasing System

TPC                 Total Project Cost

UAV                Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drones)

UGA                Urban Growth Area

UI                    User Interface

URL                 Uniform Resource Locator

USACE             US Army Corps of Engineers 

VDC                 Virtual Design and Construction

VE                    Value Engineering

VPN                 Virtual Private Network

W/WW           Water / Waste Water

WAN               Wide Area Network

WO                  Work Order

WPA               Wi-Fi Protected Access 

WPA2             Wi-Fi Protected Access 2


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