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What is a contract?

Construction contract is a legal agreement between the owner of project and the contractor.  The agreement establishes scope and condition of work to be completed.  This agreement may include…

  • Project description
  • Construction scope and broad schedule
  • Contract price and Payment basis
  • Construction terms and conditions and Governing law
  • And more…

The initial agreement which defines the general scope by itself is not sufficient to track the project progress. It also falls short in tracking changes to the agreement (Change Orders) after project has been initiated.  Projectmates provides a flexible, secure and collaborative way to manage contract and any changes to the contract that arise during construction.

From beginning to end, Projectmates can automate the entire life-cycle of your contracts. Contracts can be lump sum or unit price, depending on your need. Retainage can be set at the contract level to be tracked through the invoicing of that contract.  With Microsoft Word's mail merge feature, contract data can be populated from Projectmates into your custom contract.  All Associated backup documentation for the contract can be stored with the contract for easy access.  Once a contract has been approved, external contractors will be able to see and access their contract and can create Change Order Requests and Change Orders in Projectmates.   If your contract is linked to the budget, contract values will be tracked in column I in the Projectmates budget.

To view Contracts

1. Open the project by clicking its name from the My Projects screen.

2. From the Cost tracking menu, click the Commitments/COs or Contracts/COs left side menu to expand it.

3. Click the All Contracts link in the left-side menu.

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