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How can I add "How To" documents to the Projectmates Corner?

Step 1: Save the help guides you want to include as downloadable help files.

  1. Find a project that won't get parked or deleted, such as an Implementation project or a training project.
  2. Create a folder path where you can store the file(s).
  3. Upload one or more help files in the folder you created.

Step 2: Create the links to download the files.

  1. Mark the check box(es) for the file(s).
  2. Use the Actions... drop-down to select the Email Links option.
  3. Select the radial button for Public and update the number of days to 730.
  4. Mark the check box next to your name to receive the email.
  5. Hit Email Links button.

Step 3: Edit the Projectmates Corner.

Go to Site Admin >> Custom Content >> Welcome Message.

  1. In the Project Homepage Welcome Message field, you can enter the text and links using HTML.
  2. Use the link(s) in the email from the previous step to create the hyperlinks in the Projectmates Corner.
  3. Here are some helpful websites:

Helpful Hints: The Projectmates Corner may not be updated immediately with the changes you make. It can take up to 5 minutes for the changes to take effect.

Any public links you use will expire after the set number of days. When this happens, you'll want to create new links. Make a note of where the files are stored.

As the help files are updated, you can upload them as a new version in the same file location. Users who click the links will get the updated version of the file.

Changes to the file location, such as deleting the file, parking the project or changing the file name, will break the link in the Projectmates Corner. In this case, you can use the above steps to update the Projectmates Corner again.

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