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How do I navigate through Projectmates?

Once you’ve logged into your Projectmates system, there will be several areas available to you depending on your role in the system.

My Work

The My Work area contains the Ball-in-Court. This graph can be used to track and interact with tasks assigned to you across all your projects. Click on the header of a bar to view all of its items in a table. From the table, click on the description of the item to begin working on it. 

Note: The Ball-in-Court refreshes by itself periodically, but hitting Refresh manually will ensure you’re looking at your latest tasks.

My Projects

Any project you are assigned to will display here. To access a project, simply click on its name.

The Search bar can be used to filter projects based on project number, project name, or any other information columns being displayed. Clicking on a radio button to the far-left of a project will bring up more options to manage the project, depending on your role. Add to My Favorites will shuffle a project to the top for easier access.

Bids/Plan Room

External users can access bids they’ve been invited to from here. If you are interested in bidding on a project, click the Add to My Bids button found to its left. To access a bid, simply click on the bid name.

My Reports

Users with Reporting rights will have access to this tab. Projectmates Reports are broken into three categories: Pre-Built Reports, Ad-Hoc Reports, and My Dashboard.

Site Admin

Users with Site administrator rights will have access to this tab. Site Administrators will be able to manage projects, users and site wide localization and configuration.

Capital Planning

Users with Capital Planning rights will have access to this tab. Users will be able to see the list of capital planning menus and funding sources.

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