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How can I configure the custom columns to do calculations?

Step 1: Access the Budget Setup page.

  1. Navigate to the screen that shows your budget thread in the left-side menu within your project.
  2. Click the budget thread name to expand the available options below.
  3. Click the Budget Setup option to this page in the main frame.

Helpful Hint: If you do not see the Budget Setup option in the left-side menu, you may not have the appropriate access rights. Please check with your Administrator to verify that your user profile has the correct role in this project.

Step 2: Define the custom fields.

  1. Enter the Field Name for one or more of the custom fields.
    Helpful Hint: The name that is entered for the fields will be what displays as the column header in the budget for the indicated field. If no name is entered, then the column header will be blank for that field.
  2.  Enter the Formula for one or more of the custom fields.
    1. Use curly braces { } before and after variables to be used in the formula.
    2. The Standard Fields section shows the number variables used to represent the standard budget fields when building the formula.
    3. The custom field variables are a, b, c, d, e, and f. These variables can be used in the formula if the formula follows the indicated custom field.
      Helpful Hint: For example, custom field a cannot use any custom field variables, because it is the first one. However, custom field b can use custom field a in its formula, because it comes after custom field a.
  3. Hit Save when you have finished setting up the custom fields and any formulas. 
    Helpful Hint: If the Field Name or Formula is read-only, this means that the value has been set at the site level and cannot be changed in the project. Please contact your Administrator to request any changes that are needed.

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