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How can I change the line item for a budget subitem?

In the process of managing a budget, you may find that you need to reclassify or move a budget subitem to a different line item or even a different budget group altogether. Let's discuss the steps to making such a change.

Step 1: Open the subitem.

  1. Navigate to the screen that shows your budget thread in the left-side menu within your project.
  2. Click the budget thread name on the left side to expand the available options below.
  3. Click the View Budget option to load the budget in the main frame.
  4. Click the current line item description link or Plus icon to reveal its subitems.
  5. Click the Edit icon for the subitem you want to move. The Edit Budget Subitem pop-up will display.

Helpful Hint: If you do not see the Edit icon, then you may not have appropriate access rights to make this change. Check with your Administrator to verify your user profile is in the correct role in this project.

Step 2: Edit the subitem.

  1. Click the Change link at the top of the pop-up, next to where it shows the current budget line item.
  2. Enter part of the description or CSI number of the line item you want in the New Budget Item field. Then select the option you want from the choices that populate.
  3. Click the Select button and then the Save button to finalize your selection. The budget will refresh showing the subitem under the new line item in the budget.

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