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How can I create a contract from the budget?

1. Arrange/add the budget line items and sub-items. 

Helpful Hint: The budget must contain one or more budget line items to be included in the contract. All of the budget sub-items for each selected budget line item will be included in the contract as its line items. 

2. Select the budget line items to be included in the contract.

  1. To view the budget, click the View Budget link in the left-side menu.
  2. Mark the checkbox (es) for the budget line item (s) to be included in the contract.

3. Create the contract.

  1.  In the Actions… drop-down, select Create Contract option.
  2. A pop-up will display. Enter the name of the new contract.
  3. By default, the Check to import category name checkbox is marked. You can unmark this checkbox if you do not want to create categories based on budget group names.
  4. Click the Go button. The contract will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Click the Select Awarded To button.
  6. In the Add users or contacts pop-up, mark the radio buttons to select the user to whom to award this contract. You can also award this contract to a contact.
    Helpful Hint: Contracts awarded to contact will be viewable by users with View Others access rights in the contract/PCO/CO module. This means external vendors will not be able to submit their own invoices.
  7. Enter values in the Retainage Work Completed % and Retainage Materials Stored % fields.
  8. Complete any of the optional fields as needed by your organization. Then click Save & Next.
  9. On the Items tab, the line items are populated for you from the budget. Make any necessary adjustments. Then click Save and Next.
  10. On the Attachments tab, upload any supporting documentation as needed by your organization. Then click Go To Approval.
  11. On the Approval tab, select the appropriate approval type, if the option is available. Then click Start Approval. This action will send email notification to the first level of approvers, notifying them that their approval is requested for this contract.

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