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Importing Budget from Excel

How can I import my project budget from an Excel template?

Creating a budget within Projectmates from scratch can be cumbersome, especially if you already have the project budget stored elsewhere. Let's discuss how to import the budget using the provided Excel template for budgets.

  1. Click the Import/Export items link from the left-side menu. The Import/Export Entries for Budget screen will display.

    Helpful Hint: If don't see 'Import/Export items' in the left-side menu under your budget thread name, then you don't have the proper authority to import the budget. If you are an Administrator, you can check your role in the project to see if it needs to be changed or recopy the template project into the project to update the role rights. If you are not an Administrator, please reach out to your Administrator for assistance.

  2. Click the Download MS Excel template link.
  3. Update the template file and save it to your computer.
  4. In Projectmates, click the Browse… or  Choose File button to select the template file you created.
  5. Optionally, mark the check box for Delete all existing items. Alternatively, to keep all existing items, DO NOT mark the check box.

    Helpful Hint: Deleting existing items will remove links to any items from other modules, including Bids, Contracts, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.

  6. Click the Import button. Values from the spreadsheet will be imported to the budget.

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