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Why the Projectmates Implementation program is successful

The Projectmates construction management software implementation process has been refined over many years and has been proven time and again to be very fast and easy for our clients.  Below are some of the main reasons our implementation program is superior to other solutions.

Reasons for success

  • Use Projectmates from day one
  • Implementations managed by experienced internal teams, not outsourced
  • SME/Department leaders involved throughout implementation and adoption
  • Proof of Concept Role-play project lifecycle workshop
  • Train-the-trainer training program
  • Ongoing support and monitoring through adoption period and beyond
  • Client Advisory board & yearly review

Use Projectmates from day one

From the kickoff of Projectmates, you will immediately get a login account so you can start to use the system.  We setup a sandbox project so you can begin to get familiar with the different tools Projectmates has to offer.  We also will setup a project specifically to manage the implementation of Projectmates for your organization.  We can use this project to share files, schedules, and tasks to make sure the implementation goes smoothly and efficiently.

Implementations managed by internal teams, not outsourced

Projectmates implementations are managed by dedicated internal teams.  The average employment of our implementation/support personnel is seven years.  This means you get an experienced project team focused on your success

SME/Department leaders involved throughout implementation and adoption

The implementation team will work with you to identify the best subject matter experts on your and our side.  We Involve representatives from the different internal and external players that will interact with the tools in the planning and configuration meetings for the tool. Their involvement enlists them as cheerleaders to help propel your solution forward.

Proof of concept role play project life cycle workshop

The implementation team will workshop the configuration of Projectmates and simulate the different defined workflows and processes for you to confirm this will meet your organizational needs.  This ensures that the system is optimized for you prior to in-depth training.

Train-the-trainer training program

We train your key internal players and supplement this with web trainings for your consultants and contractors.  We provide detailed trainings for your site administrators, so they can train others in your organization.  We create a custom help guides and videos to help you with onboarding new people.

Ongoing support and monitoring & yearly review

Your implementation team will be providing you escalated support and scheduled touch bases with you to make sure that questions get answered and adoption is succeeding.  We will provide you a yearly report on your usage and provide suggestions on how you can get the most out of Projectmates and increase your ROI.

What you should do to prepare for your Projectmates implementation

Be thinking about the key people from your organization you would want to be part of your internal implementation team.  Try to keep this team small, typically 6-8 people.  Make sure those members are decision makers that can help to provide direction and the leadership help drive adoption.  Look at your current processes and start to collect typical dates you track.  Collect your typical budget templates, as well as notate how you currently organize your documents. The Projectmates implementation team will want to review these documents before the Discovery meeting.

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