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Projectmates Implementation Phases

The Projectmates construction project management software implementation process is divided into 7 phases that lead a new client from early configuration to self-sustainability and complete ownership over their system.

Phase 1 – Kickoff

Initial Configuration
  • Projectmates installed and QA process completed
  • Customized & branded portal page created for client
  • Discovery workshops scheduled, Projectmates implementation team meets with client SMEs
  • Pre-discovery project documents sent to implementation lead
  • Implementation project and sandbox project created
  • Initial list of client users accounts added
  • Client process documents reviewed

Phase 2 – Discovery

Onsite Discovery
  • Onsite discovery workshops with Projectmates implementation team & client SMEs
  • Initial list of existing projects identified to transition to Projectmates (Pilot if possible)
  • List of initial internal/external users identified
Communications Plan
  • Onboarding & communication plan finalized
  • Projectmates introduction email sent to internal stakeholders, with features/benefits
  • Projectmates introduction email sent to external partners
  • Get leadership involved in communications to build more buy-in
Document Procedures
  • Detailed discovery notes published to Implementation project
  • Draft SOP (standard operating procedures) document established

Phase 3 – Configuration

Weekly Touch Base Meetings
  • Discuss detailed discovery notes
  • Identify open action items
  • Set online configuration sessions
Configuration Sessions
  • Configuration sessions with implementation teams, SMEs to customize Projectmates based of Discovery sessions
  • Template configuration
Document Procedures
  • Draft standard operating procedures modified and published based on configuration sessions

Phase 4 – Role Access Permissions

Weekly Touch Base Meeting
  • Discuss progress
  • Identify open action items
  • Discuss roles/access rights
Set Access Rights
  • Templates configured with appropriate access rights
  • Costing & other approvals setup
Finalize Draft Procedures
  • Finalize draft standard operating procedures document, distribute to team, create link in Projectmates
  • Schedule Internal power user training

Phase 5 – Proof of Concept & Refinements

Proof of Concept
  • Workshop to role play and simulate processes
  • Review standard operating procedures, gain signoff from team
  • Make any necessary tweaks and changes to site and template
  • Selected projects added to Projectmates
Introductory Webinar
  • Internal power users’ introduction training webinar on 101 functionality and onsite training preview

Phase 6 – Power User Training / External Partner Training & Go Live

Power User Training
  • Onsite training with key internal users
  • Hands-on training with assignments
  • Sessions attended will depend on the users need based on features
  • Training on reporting functionality at the program level
  • In-depth training for project and site administrators
External Partner Training
  • Web based trainings for key external partners
  • Separate trainings for Architects & Engineers, General Contractors
  • Trainings are recorded and uploaded to Projectmates for future onboarding
Go Live
  • Internal teams to immediately start managing selected projects in Projectmates
  • Client implementation team and administrators to take the lead

Phase 7 – Ensure Adoption & Clear ROI

Ensure Adoption
  • Live support and constant monitoring for initial actions taken within system
  • Ensure that internal and external users can comfortably utilize the system
  • Schedule impromptu training sessions as the client feels necessary to review processes
Clear Return on Investment
  • Touch-base meetings to review progress
  • Highlight key ROI points
  • Client will receive a clear picture on time being saved, data being consolidated, human error being minimized, and much more
  • Discuss how to further improve the system and increase efficiency
Continued Partnership
  • Client will be notified of enhancements and new features as they are introduced
  • Webinars to introduce new features and generate discussion between fellow clients on best practices
  • Annual meetings to ensure client satisfaction and sustained ROI

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