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How do I create an invoice or pay application?

Option 1: You can manually create it in the invoice / pay app module.

  1. In the Cost Tracking area of your project, click the Invoice / Pay App thread (red button) in the left-side menu to expand the options below.
    Helpful Hint: This area may be called something different on your site.
  2. Click the Create new item option in the left-side menu.
  3. Complete the Select Contract drop-down field. Once selected, wait for the screen to load the data from the contract into this invoice or pay application.
  4. Update the Payment To and Payment From service dates for the services being billed.
    Helpful Hint: Invoices must be entered in order, so if there is a previous invoice, it must be entered first. Also, the invoice currently being entered must have a Payment To date that is on or after the previous invoice's Payment From date.
  5. Complete any of the optional fields as needed by your organization. Then click Save & Next.
  6. On the Items tab, enter the Work Completed and Materials Stored for each line item as necessary by your organization. Then click Save and Next.
    Helpful Hint: If any retainage was set in the contract, it will be automatically calculated for you.
  7. On the Attachments tab, upload any supporting documentation as needed. Then click Go To Approval.
  8. On the Approval tab, select the appropriate approval type, if the option is available. Then click Start Approval. This action will send email notification to the first level of approvers, notifying them that their approval is requested for this purchase order.

Option 2: You can create an invoice or pay application from the budget.

Read this article: Creating Invoice or Pay App from Budget

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