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How can I optimize document versions?

Document management area of Projectmates provides a unique feature with ability to name versions of your file.  It's a good way to identify files and keep track of revision sets even though file names may be the same.  For example, you can label revision sets such as "Original Set", "Bulletin 1", "Set 2", or "50% Drawings".  You can quickly access the files that were associated with those sets at the time of upload.  

Helpful Hint: Naming revisions is a common practice used in Construction Management to help project participants verify they have the right set of drawings and other construction documents.

How to add labels during the upload process

  1. In the Documents area of your project, click the green triangle icon in the left-side menu next to the folder where you want to upload the files. The Upload Files pop-up will display.
    Helpful Hint: If you do not see the green triangle in the left-side menu, ask the Administrator to check your role in this project.
  2. Drag and drop your files onto the pop-up or click the Browse button to select them.
    Helpful Hint: Files must show the exact same name to be treated as a new version of the file by Projectmates.
  3. Enter the Label you wish to give your files.
  4. Add any Keywords as needed.
  5. Select any project participants to be notified and add a Message, if needed.
  6. Click the Save button to commence the upload process.

How to view documents from a particular revision set

Helpful Hint: The most recently uploaded version of any file is given the temporary label "Latest Files". When the Documents area is initially loaded, the Latest Files are displayed by default. This ensures that files downloaded simply by clicking the name of the file will always be the latest version of that file.

To view the files from a specific revision set:

  1. Drill into the folder where the files are uploaded and stored in Projectmates.
  2. Click the Labels… button above the list of files.
  3. Select the name given to the revision set from the drop-down.
  4. Notice the title of the page changes to show the folder name, dash, the label name. An example of this is "Bid Documents – Revision 1". This title change indicates that the list of files is no longer showing the "Latest Files". If you click any of the links, you will be downloading the version of the file that was uploaded in that revision set. Furthermore, files that do not have a version uploaded as part of that revision set will not be displayed.
  5. To go back to viewing the "Latest Files", you can either click the name of the folder in the left-side menu again or select Latest Files from the Labels… drop-down.

How to download documents from a particular revision set

  1. Click the yellow triangle icon in the left-side menu for the folder where you want to download files. The Download Files pop-up will display.
  2. Change the selection in the Select version drop-down to the specific revision set you want to download.
  3. Click the Download button to commence the download process.

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