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The Projectmates Implementation Process

Implementation Overview

Systemates' sole business is developing, implementing, and supporting Projectmates construction program management software for organizations such as you. Our implementation team listens to your needs and prioritizes solving the issues you are currently facing. Projectmates clients derive substantial value from our aggressive implementation efforts and dedicated implementation resources.

Unlike other systems that can require many months to years to implement, Projectmates is typically deployed within 2-4 months from kickoff. This allows you to see a much faster return on your investment.

What happens once I purchase?

Once you have purchased Projectmates, your sales representative will schedule a kickoff call between your team and your implementation team.  Your Projectmates implementation team will take the hand off of the project and begin assisting you with the on-boarding process.  The Projectmates implementation is typically broken down into six major milestones.

Major milestones to the Projectmates Implementation

  • Kickoff
  • Discovery workshop
  • Proof of Concept workshop
  • Power user training
  • Go live
  • Continuous monitoring and support 

The Projectmates implementation process has been refined over many years and has been proven time and again to be very fast and easy for our clients.

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