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How can I correct an earlier error that affects an invoice?

Projectmates invoices are designed to build upon each other, like bricks in a wall. If there is an issue in an earlier invoice, or even in the contract or change order, then all invoices created after the error would need to be removed from Projectmates and recreated after the error is corrected.

Removing data from the system can be intimidating. We've made a process that eliminates the possibility of data loss, so it's a lot less scary. You can follow these steps to correct any issues previously perpetrated in your invoices.

Step One: Capture all the details.

  1. Create a folder to store invoice details on your local device.
  2. Download any invoice attachments and save them in the folder.
  3. Use the printer friendly option to print the invoice as a PDF and save it in the folder, too.

Helpful Hint: Perform these steps for every invoice, change order, and/or potential change order, using a different folder for each.

Step Two: Delete the invoices that were created after the error occurred.

Helpful Hint: If you don't have access rights, then you'll need to defer this step to the admin.

Step Three: Fix the error.

Step Four: Recreate the deleted data.

  1. When recreating an invoice, refer to the PDF. It has all the details you need to reenter.
  2. Be especially careful to enter the Accounting Status or Payment Status data so it exactly matches the previous invoice.
  3. Upload the PDF with the other attachments for posterity.
  4. Bypass the normal approval process with a comment: "Original approvals are found in the attached PDF."

Helpful Hint: This comment ensures any auditors will find the original approvals, if they have a question.

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