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Custom Integrations

For specific requirements not able to be met with Projectmates instant integration and the Projectmates API.  Systemates can perform custom integrations as a professional service.  Expect between 2-4 months for an integration project between Projectmates and your internal system. This timeline depends on both availability of personnel from Projectmates and your organization.

Should I pursue a custom integration or not?

Since there is an upfront investment of cost and a time, you should consider the following factors when considering an integration. Answering these questions will help you determine if you are ready for integration with Projectmates and your internal system.

  • Evaluate your manual processes to determine which processes are the highest priority for automation.
  • Perform a cost analysis of the number of labor hours that are currently used for the highest priority items.
  • Determine if you have funding for an integration project.
  • Determine available resources (internal IT or 3rd party consultants) who will program your side of the bridge. Do they have any experience with integration projects similar to the one you are considering? What are the costs associated with these resources?
  • Do you have internal management resources from both the business team and IT department? Your business team alone may not understand technology and create unreal expectations. Your IT team alone may not understand your business processes and overlook requirements. Do you have members from both teams available to manage the integration project from your end?

Please discuss your needs with Projectmates.  We can help determine which data exchange method would be the best fit for your organization.

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