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Projectmates Integration Overview

If you are considering a special project with Projectmates construction management software to integrate with another software, such as your accounting system, this document will introduce you to potential options for this.  Armed with this information ahead of time, you can plan and budget for the future and decide which option is right for your organization.

What is an integration?

The Projectmates software application has the ability to integrate between software platforms, depending on the organizational need of the client. From a technical perspective, an integration is defined as an automated data exchange between Projectmates and one of your internal systems processing on a predetermined interval. An integration can be a one- or two-way data exchange. With a one-way data exchange, Projectmates exports the data and the internal system imports it. In a two-way data exchange, Projectmates exports the data, then later receives and imports information into Projectmates from this internal system. The internal system could be your AP system, CRM, or other data repositories you utilize in your organization.

What are advantages of integrating?

There are a number of advantages that can be gained from an integration with Projectmates. Here are the main ones if we consider the most common invoice integration:

  • Replaces the manual process, freeing up personnel for other important tasks
  • Cuts down on data entry errors resulting from manual entry
  • Avoids potential late payment fees from vendors due to increased organizational efficiencies
  • Transparency added to payment status, reducing the number of calls from vendors
  • Integration is secure since Projectmates does not directly touch your internal system
  • Saves money over time as the time savings gained offsets the amount of money invested in integration development

With what other software applications has Projectmates integrated?

Projectmates has successfully integrated a wide range of applications. Here are some common ERP integrations:

  • Microsoft Dynamics / Great Plains
  • Lawson
  • JD Edwards    
  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft    
  • DocLinks
  • Oracle

What types of data exchange are available?

There are 3 main types of data exchange options that are available with Projectmates.

  • Projectmates Instant Integration – Systemates offers this add-on service for a yearly service & maintenance fee.
  • Projectmates API – Systemates offers an API for a yearly service & maintenance fee.
  • Projectmates Custom Integration – Systemates can perform this for an additional professional service for advanced integrations not available using either the Projectmates Instant Integration of Projectmates API services.

What about my system outside of Projectmates?

Your organization is responsible for programming the side of the integration necessary to receive the data records from the Integration bridge (sFTP, Dropbox, and import that data into your internal system. In addition, your organization is responsible for programming the side of the integration to send information back for Projectmates to retrieve. Projectmates will never directly interface with your systems.

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