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How can I add potential change orders (PCOs) into a change order (CO)?

Step 1: Fully approve the potential change orders (PCOs)

Helpful Hint: Only fully approved potential change orders (PCOs) that are not already linked will be available to be linked to a change order (CO).

Step 2: Create the change order (CO).

  1. In the Cost Tracking area of your project, click the Contracts & COs thread (red button) in the left-side menu to expand the options below.
    Helpful Hint: This area may be called something different on your site.
  2. Click the Add new Change Order option in the left-side menu.
  3. Complete the Select Contract drop-down field. Once selected, wait for the screen to load the data from the contract into this change order.
  4. Enter a Description of this change order and select a Reason Code.

Step 3: Link the potential change orders (PCOs)

  1. Click the Link PCO link. The Select PCO to Link pop-up will display.
  2. Mark one or more checkboxes to be linked to this change order. Then click Apply and Close button. This will save the selections you made and refresh the screen.
  3. On the General tab, you will see the Days Changed has been updated based on the data from the PCOs that were linked.
  4. On the Items tab, you will see a line item has been created for each linked PCO.
    Helpful Hint: The PCO line item(s) don't have budget/fund code or WBS/section entries and are not linked to the budget. You can either correct this manually, or you can reassign (Copy/Paste) the amount(s) from the PCO line item(s) into the available line items from the contract below.

Step 4: Process the change order (CO) like you normally would from here.

  1. On the Items tab, you can add additional line items for additional changes not coming from the linked PCOs.
  2. On the Attachments tab, upload any supporting backup documentation required.
  3. On the Approvals tab, select the appropriate approval process and click Start Approval.

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