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“Parameter is not Valid” Error When Uploading Photos: HEIC and HEIF Images in Projectmates

Projectmates is aware of potential issues with uploading photos HEIC or HEIF Images converted to JPG Files in Windows.  When uploading these, now, JPG files, the user may receive a “Parameter is not Valid” error message.

Currently, HEIC and HEIF files are no longer supported in Projectmates due to ongoing compatibility issues with this file type.  Windows is also unable to fully save the files as JPG, which is causing the Parameter error. 

There are two potential solutions to this issue. Please use either of the following solutions to ensure newly taken photos are able to be uploaded via the mobile app or existing HEIC images can be properly converted (in Windows) to a JPG file Projectmates can accept:


  1. Navigate to Settings>Camera>Formats>Check off "Most Compatible". This will not choose HEIC or HEIF by default.

  2. Take photos as needed and using the Projectmates mobile app, upload to project.


  1. Using Windows Photo Explorer, select Edit & Create>Edit.

  2. At the bottom, select Save Copy and choose JPG.

  3. Using your Projectmates web portal page, navigate to project and upload JPG photos as normal.

If this article does not resolve your issue, please submit a ticket to Projectmates Support.

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