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Projectmates Connector for PlanGrid

Projectmates is an owner-focused construction program management software with a comprehensive set of tools to manage all aspects of a project. However, we understand that many owners, architects and contractors are also utilizing PlanGrid along with Projectmates. To minimize double data entry, the PlanGrid integration will allow you to import RFIs and sheets into Projectmates. 

Linking your PlanGrid account to your Projectmates account:

Before you can begin importing items from PlanGrid into Projectmates, you must first link both of the accounts:

  1. Access your profile. This can be done by clicking My Profile if you are currently in the My Work or My Projects page. If you are already inside of a project, click on My Team > My Profile.
  2. In your Edit User Profile menu, click the External Credentials Tab.
  3. Click Get Access Token next to the PlanGrid option. You will be prompted to login with your PlanGrid account. Successfully logging in will establish a link between both accounts for importing. 
Helpful Hint: Once linked, you don't need to relink the accounts.

How to import RFI items from PlanGrid into Projectmates:

Step 1: Log into Projectmates.

  1. Drill into the project where you are working in Projectmates.
  2. Click on Const Mgmt tab to access the RFI tool.
  3. Access the RFI instance where you want to add Procore RFI items.
  4. Click All Items to access the RFI log page.

Step 2: Import RFI items from PlanGrid.

  1. Click the Import… button and select PlanGrid.

    Helpful Hint: If this is your first time to connect PlanGrid to Projectmates, you will receive a prompt to login to your PlanGrid account. After successful login, your user profile will show that your Projectmates account is connected to PlanGrid account.

  2. Click Select Project and choose from the drop-down list.
    Helpful Hint: Alternatively, you can type the name of your project in PlanGrid and select the autofill from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Fetch RFIs link to get a list of RFIs from PlanGrid.

    Helpful Hint: RFIs that are already imported into Projectmates will display with an Open link.

  4. Click the Import link next to the desired RFIs to pull it into Projectmates.
  5. Imported RFIs are saved in Draft mode. Open the RFI, complete any required fields that were not imported and click Save & Finalize.
  6. Once an RFI has been closed, you can post a response back to PlanGrid by accessing the RFI and clicking Post Response to PlanGrid.

How to import sheets from PlanGrid into Projectmates:

Step 1: Log into Projectmates.

  1. Drill into the project where you are working in Projectmates.
  2. Click on Documents.
  3. Click the Document Group, and then the Thread/Left-Side menu that contains the subfolder you want to upload to.
  4. Click the Subfolder where you want to upload your sheets.

Step 2: Import Sheets from PlanGrid

  1. Click Actions, then click Import Sheets from PlanGrid in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select a project, then click Fetch Sheets.
  3. Check the box next to any sheets you want to import in. Checking multiple boxes will compress all of the sheets into a single PDF in Projectmates. 
  4. Click Import after selecting your desired sheets.
  5. A PDF of your import can now be found in that subfolder with date and time appended to the file. Click the pencil icon next to the file to edit its name in Projectmates, if desired.

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