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How do I create a Field Report using Projectmates Mobile app?

Once logged into your Projectmates app through your mobile device, follow the steps below to create a new Field Report.

1. Tap on My Projects link, select the project that you wish to work in from Favorites or All list.

2. Once inside a project, tap on Field Report link.

3. Tap on the + link and follow the steps below for each section.

  • Observation Date and Time will be auto populated as today‚Äôs date and current time, if needed you can change this by tapping on date field.
  • Enter description for Work in Progress (this is a required field)
  • Tap on Save icon anytime you want to save your report in draft mode.
  • Tap on Attachment icon to add a photo or video from your device.
  • Tap on Est. % Complete field to pick a preset value from the list.
  • Tap on Schedule Conformance field to pick a preset value from the list.
  • Enter Weather Condition and who was Present at site.
  • Enter any Observations not recorded elsewhere, Items to Verify, and any required Info / Action Required.
  • Tap on Publish to publish a final version of your Field Report (Please note once published a report is no longer editable).
  • Tap on Fab icon and then the Email icon to send a copy of this report to any user.

Note: Field Reports saved in draft mode is only visible to project admin and the creator of the report. You can only delete a report as long as its saved in draft mode. Only an admin user can delete published report.

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