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Can you reopen a bid once the due date has passed?

Projectmates simplifies the process of extending the bid due date through the addendum process.

Drill into the bid thread for the bid to change the bid due date.

  1. Open up the project where this bid was set up.
  2. Then navigate to the Bid Manager and select the particular bid thread from the left side menu.

Step 1: Create an addendum.

  1. Click the Manage Addendum link in the left side menu. The Addenda log page will display.
  2. Click Add New Addendum link. The Add Addendum Info screen will display.
  3. Enter the Subject, such as "Re-opening the bid".
  4. Select the Extended Bid Due Date Until date.
  5. Enter a Memo.
  6. Click the Save and Goto Step 2 Bid Documents button.

Step 2: Attach any documents, as needed.

Optionally, you can add attachments with this addendum.

  1. Use the drop down to Select Documents Group.
  2. Click the Submit button. The page will update showing all available folders to include.  If you picked the wrong tab, you can click the Select another tab link.
  3. Mark the check box(es) for any folders to be included in this addendum.
  4. Click the Save and Goto Step 3 Review and Publish button.

Step 3: Review and publish the addendum.

  1. Review the addendum to verify the correct due date was selected and the correct documents were attached.
  2. In the Notifications section, mark the appropriate check box(es) for who should receive email notification of the addendum being published.
  3. Hit Publish to re-open the bid.

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