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How Do I Create a DFR (Daily Field Report)?

To Create a DFR from the web version of Projectmates

  1. Once inside a project, from the Construction Management>Daily Field Report menu, click the Daily Field Reports left side menu to expand it.
  2. Next click Create New link.
  3. On the Work Description tab, enter the description.
  4. On the Weather tab, you can record and track weather information. If the latitude and longitude are entered in the Project Info or Store Info page, then weather information is provided for you. Click Save as Draft to copy the provided weather details into the appropriate fields.
  5. On the Personnel tab, you can record the number of crew members and the number of hours worked for each company as well as what they did.
  6. On the Equipment tab, you can record any equipment that was used on site.
  7. The Event Tracking tab is where you would record any details about anything that happened on site. Examples include: Accidents, Inspections, Surveys, etc.
  8. Use the Attachments tab to add any files or pictures. You can attach documents by clicking Browse to open a selection window or drag and drop files. Also, you can link the documents from the Document Management area.
  9. The Notifications tab allows you to designate any users to receive email notification when your report is finalized
  10. Click the Save As Draft button to finish later or the Save & Finalize button to complete the report and send email notifications.    

 Note: Only administrators can delete reports that have been finalized. Once finalized a report is no more editable, users can issue addendum to add details to already finalized reports.

To Create a DFR from the Mobile App

  1. Once logged in tap on My Projects link, select the project that you wish to work in from Favorites or All list.
  2. Once inside a project, tap on Daily Field Report link.
  3. Tap on the desired thread that you wish to create a report.
  4. Tap the + icon and follow steps below for each section:    

            a. Report date will be auto populated as today's date, if needed you can change the date by tapping on it.

            b. Type in description in Description field (this is a required field).

            c. Tap on Save icon anytime you want to save your report in draft mode.

            d. Tap on Photo icon to add a photo or video from your device.

            e. Tap on Weather link to enter weather information.

            f. Tap on Personnel link > Add New link to enter the details of construction crew and numbers of hours worked for each company.

            g. Tap on Quantity Report > Add New link to enter the amount and unit of measure.

            h. Tap on Events link > Add New link to enter any details about anything that happened on site that day.

            i. Tap the Person icon to select a user to review the report once its finalized, by default, Publish Immediately is selected.

            j. Tap Save and Finalize link to finalize this report (please note: once finalized a report is no longer editable).

            k. To email report, open up finalized report and click on the Email icon to send a copy of the report to any user.

Note: DFR saved in draft mode is only visible to project admin and the creator of the report. You can only delete a report as long as its in save mode, only an admin user can delete reports that have been finalized.

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