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What is the submittal register and how do I set/change it?

Submittal register defined:

  • The submittal register is a list of the submittals required or desired to be provided for a particular project.
  • A submittal register item includes the CSI number and description as well as the submittal type and the due date. Optionally, it can also include the responsible party for sending notifications and including in the Ball in Court task list.Helpful Hint: Most of the time, the Contractor is responsible for submitting submittals; however, your organization can choose any role to perform this task.
  • The submittal register facilitates creating and tracking submittals by keeping a list of the required submittals and showing the status of the submittals in the list. Users can even select to submit a particular item by clicking a link in the register itself.

How can I add a submittal register?

  1. From inside the project where you want to set or change the first recipient for Submittals, click the Admin tab.Helpful Hint: If you don't see the Admin tab, then you do not have access to make this change. Please check with your Administrator to get the changes made that you need.
  2. If not already selected, click the Administer Project button. The Project Administration Main Menu screen will display.
  3. Click the Construction Management, Budget, Cost Tracking and GC Prime Contract link. The Construction Management and Cost Tracking – Administration screen will display.
  4. Click the Submittal / Shop Drawing link. The Manage Submittal Threads (Admin) screen will display.
  5. Select the submittal thread where you want to set or change the first recipient.
  6. Find the First Recipient field. Select the appropriate user from the drop-down.Helpful Hint: If the individual is not listed as an option in the First Recipient drop-down, then perform the following checks:
    1. a) Is the individual a user in this project?
    2. b) Is the individual in the correct role in this project?
    3. c) Does this individual's role have at least Add and Route access rights?
  7. Hit the Save button to keep these changes.

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