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How can I add potential change order (PCO) reason codes or types?

Option 1: Add a potential change order PCO type in the Project Administration pages.

  1. Inside of the project, go to Admin >> Administer Project >> Construction Management, Budget, Cost Tracking and GC Prime Contract >> Contract / PCO / CO.
  2. The Subcontract (Admin) page will display. Look for the Add/Edit/Delete PCO Types section.
  3. Click the Add button to open the Save/Add/Edit PCO Types pop-up.
  4. Enter the new PCO Type and hit Go.

Option 2: Copy potential change order PCO type from another project.

  1. On the My Projects page, mark the radial button for a project that has the PCO reason codes set up the way you want.
  2. Click the Copy button at the bottom of the page. The Copy Project Date screen will display.
  3. Select one or more projects from the box on the left labeled Project List and use the arrow button to push the selected projects over to the box on the right labeled Copy To.
    Helpful Hint: It is always a good idea to do a trial run for a copy process first. Make sure the selections you make will not mess up your live projects.
  4. Scroll down and select the checkbox for Construction Management.
    Helpful Hint: This will also copy other elements from the Construction Management menu into the Copy To projects list. For example, RFI threads, Submittal threads, DFR threads, etc.
    Helpful Hint: The copy process is not a copy and replace process. It will not delete any project information.
  5. Hit the Copy button. The process may take some time depending on how many projects were selected. When it has finished, you will be directed to a page that lists major items that were copied.

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