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How do I setup the approval process for a contract?

Decide which type of approval process you want to set up.

Helpful Hint: The difference between the different types of approvals has to do with the jurisdiction of the approval process, or where it is used. The options are …

  • Global Approval – Set up in the Site Admin area, and used by all projects
  • Project Approval – Set up in the Project Admin area, and used by the specific project
  • Custom Approval – Set up in the contract and used by this contract only

Global Approval Setup – Most popular

  1. Go to Site Admin >> Module Info… >> Global Approvals.
  2. Click Add / Edit Global Roles link. The Manage Global Roles page will display.
    1. Review the list of Existing Roles.
    2. If a new role is needed, enter it in the New role name field and click Create Role.
    3. Click the Back to Global Approvals link at the bottom of the page.
  3.  Click Add New Global Approval link. The Add/Edit Global Approval page will display.
    1. Select Contract from the Module drop-down.
    2. Enter the Name of the new Global Approval.
    3. Enter the Description of the new Global Approval
      Helpful Hint: The Name and Description fields each allow up to 50 characters, and both will be viewable by the user when selecting the approval process. These fields should be succinct and informative to allow the user to know which approval process to select.
    4. Hit Save and then click Back to Global Approvals Log link.
  4. Click the Setup Approvals link for the Global Approval you just created.
    1. The Setup Approval Process pop-up will display. It will also list the name in the title of the pop-up. Verify it is the correct one.
    2. Commence setting up the approval process just as you would in the project admin pages, or see below for additional information.

Project Approval Setup

  1. Inside of a project, go to Admin >> Administer Project >> Construction Management, Budget, Cost Tracking and GC Prime Contract >> Contract / PCO / Change Order.
  2. The Subcontract (Admin) page will display. Select the Setup Contract Approval Options link.
    Helpful Hint: You can also set up the PCO and Change Order approvals by selecting those options here..
  3. The Setup Approval Process (Standard) pop-up will display. This screen is divided into three sections: Select Users, Select Roles, and Specify Approval Sequence for Users/Roles and Min/Max Amount.
    1.  To Select Users to be included in this approval process:
      1.  Click the Add button. The Add users or contacts pop-up will display.
      2. Mark the checkbox (es) for one or more users.
        Helpful Hint: If you do not see the name of a user who should be included in this approval process, make sure the user is a) a member of this project, and b) in the appropriate role. The user's role needs to have View Other access rights to be included in the approval process.
      3. Click the Add button. The Add users or contacts pop-up should close so that only the Setup Approval Process pop-up is still open.
      4. To unselect any users from this approval process, mark the checkbox next to his or her name and click the Remove button.
    2. To Select Roles to be included in this approval process:
      1. Highlight the roles from the list that should be included. You can use ctrl/click or shift/click to select multiple roles.
      2. To deselect all roles, click the Unselect button.
    3. To Specify Approval Sequence for Users/Roles and Min/Max Amount:
      1. Click Save. The selected users and roles will be displayed at the bottom of the pop-up.
      2. By default, all approvers are in the first round of approvals, indicated by a 1 in the first field. Change the number to reflect the sequential order of the approvers, starting with 1.
      3. You can also set min/max threshold amounts by entering the minimum amounts in the next editable field and the maximum amounts in the last editable field for each of the approvers.
      4. Hit Save as many times as necessary to update the changes you have made to this approval process. Each time, the pop-up will refresh to reflect the recent changes.
      5. When finished, you can close the pop-up at any time.
        Helpful Hint: If an approval process has already been saved, the system may ask you to click Reset ALL Future Approvals button before making any changes. The purpose of this button is to let you know that going forward, newly started approvals will adopt the updated approval process you are saving right now. Existing items will continue on the same approval path if it has already begun.

Custom Approval Setup

  1.  On the Approval tab of the contract, click the Override Approval Settings option.
  2.  The Setup Approval Process (Override) pop-up will display. Make the necessary adjustments to the approval process as described above.
    Helpful Hint: To reset the approvals as if they had never been started, you can click the RESET to Default Approval button on this pop-up. Then close the pop-up.

To Select the Approval Process

  1. On the Approval tab of the contract, if there are multiple approval options, then you'll see the Select approval type drop-down.
  2. This drop-down will list all of the available options. Select the option that goes with this contract.
    Helpful Hint: Standard Project Approval refers to the approval process that is set up in the Project Admin pages.

3. Click the Start Approval button.

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